Donaldson State Forest Initial Assessment

The North East Forest Alliance undertook a brief inspection of compartments 36 and 42, and other forests in the vicinity of Border Road, in Donaldson State Forest on 11 May 2014.

The Report can be read here.

As a result of this inspection the following recommendations are made:

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Trashing EECs in Cherry Tree SF

Forest Corp(se) have been trashing Endangered Ecological Communities in Cherry Tree State Forest.

You can read the latest NEFA audit report here

This is a serious breach of the National Parks and Wildlife Act. The Environmental Defenders Office, have agreed to represent NEFA in this matter and have sent this letter to the Minister calling on her to enforce the law.

This is our latest investigation in Cherry Tree State Forest, you can find some of our earlier audit reports by scrolling down this page.

The picture doesn't change. Forest Corp break the law, we tell the Government/EPA, they do nothing, Forest Corp keep breaking the law.


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Gladstone SF -Preliminary Audit Report

Gladstone State Forest is being smashed. A preliminary audit revealed the usual breaches..

Habitat trees logged, damaged, surrounded by debris or undersize.

 Koala Habitat smashed






Streams polluted.

Koala habitat not identified and not protected.

Read the Preliminary Audit Report of Gladstone State Forest

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Gibberagee Preliminary Audit

The Preliminary audit report can be downloaded here. (Warning 9MB file)

Dailan Pugh's report on trashing the habitat of the endangered Purple-spotted Gudgeon, can be found here

 Purple Spotted Gudgeon

Purple-spotted Gudgeon. Photo Dailan Pugh


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previous audit reports

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Yabbra audit

An audit of compartments 162 and 163 Yabbra State Forest conducted in 2009.

See the report here.

And a supplementary audit conducted in 2010

See report here.

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Another damning audit

Yet another NEFA audit, this time of logging in Sugarloaf State Forest, reveals reckless and needless damage to Habitat trees, Yellow-bellied Glider feed trees, rainforest and koala habitat.

You can read the full audit here

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Lansdowne disaster

large tree

Once again, another inspection by NEFA show that Forestry Corporation disregard the conditions of their logging licences.

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Damning results for Cherry Tree audit

NEFA has documented that the Forestry Corporation of NSW have breached the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act by not abiding by a national recovery plan, the National Parks and Wildlife Act by roading and logging the Endangered Ecological Community Lowland Rainforest, as well as committing breaches of 4 conditions of the Integrated Forestry Operational Approval, 41 conditions of the Threatened Species Licence, 19 conditions of the Environment Protection Licence, 7 conditions of the Fisheries Licence and numerous conditions of their own Harvesting Plan.

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Whian Whian Audit

In February 2014, a NEFA team audited logging operations in Whian Whian.

To read the report of their findings click here.

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