Recky of Cherry Tree State Forest

Cherry Tree State Forest adjoins Mallanganee National Park on the Richmond Range, west of
Casino. Logging of compartments 359, 360 & 361 of Cherry Tree SF began in January 2015. A
NEFA recky of Cherry Tree SF on 8 March 2015 revealed a variety of problems. In summary:

At least eight vulnerable Onion Cedars have so far been damaged or killed. The EPA must
prosecute for this flagrant breach of the Threatened Species Licence.

An experienced botanist should be required to search for the Onion Cedar and endangered
Ripple-leaf Muttonwood ahead of, and during, logging.

All stands of the rare Steel box should be identified for protection.

Given that the current Koala prescription is not, and can not be, implemented over large
areas, and the evidence of the presence of Koalas and abundant food trees, an alternative
method of identifying core Koala habitat must be urgently implemented.

The Forestry Corporation must be reminded to ensure that the required numbers of habitat
trees are retained, that damage is minimised, that debris is carefully removed, and that
recruitment trees are sound, vigorous, and capable of growing into the hollow-bearing trees
of the future. They must also be reminded to retain additional Koala feed trees and eucalypt
feed trees where required.

We consider that the Forestry Corporation needs to delineate unmapped rainforest. Their
approved roading through mapped IFOA rainforest has violated threatened species
requirements, recklessly damaged surrounding forest, and caused major soil disturbance
due to use while the soil was saturated. Soil and vegetation rehabilitation is urgently

Existing Bell Miner Associated Dieback areas in the north east of compartment 359 (and all
other occurrences) must be mapped, along with the current extent of Bell Miner colonies.
The progress of Bell Miners as the logging progresses should be monitored.

The Forestry Corporation need to take their responsibility for maintaining a visual buffer
along Cherry Tree Road seriously.

There needs to be an independent investigation of the soil rutting problems, and the failure
to instigate cross banks when postponing operations. Rehabilitation plans need to be
identified and implemented, particularly for the tracks through IFOA rainforest.

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