North East Forest Alliance - NEFA

The North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) is a volunteer forest conservation group established in 1989 with the aims of protecting rainforest, oldgrowth forest, wilderness and threatened species. We have used all methods at our disposal to achieve these goals, including public education, lobbying, negotiation and non-violent direct action. While we have made significant gains towards these goals, we are not there yet. We still need your help.

We recognise that climate change is the biggest threat to our forests, their inhabitants and our lifestyles. We consider that enhancing the uptake and storage of carbon in forests is urgently required. Given that our attempts to achieve ecologically sustainable forest management have been an abject failure we are now seeking an end to logging of native forests on public land.

Jack Thompson Joins NEFA in Speaking for the Trees!


The latest in our #WhoSpeaks4TheTrees series with screen legend Jack Thompson. We need #Forests to help save the #climate. It's time to #StandUp4Forests NOW!  Up on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.  Thank you Jack Thompson for speaking out for our forests.

NEFA's TV Ad for the

Upcoming NSW State Election

NEFA's Lismore Cinema Ad for the

Upcoming NSW State Election

This year, 2019, we have an opportunity to throw out the coal-loving, forest destroying governments in both NSW and Canberra.

NEFA will be campaigning on our key messages:

Letting forests grow old is a key measure to lessen the damage of climate change. The logging and clearing has to stop!

Forest wildlife, especially our koalas, are under severe stress, we have to stop the logging of their forest homes.

Burning forest logs in wood-fired power stations to generate electricity is stupid for so many reasons, it generates more emissions than burning coal and makes climate change worse and damages our precious forests.

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All our work is done by volunteers, so you get maximum bang for your buck!




StandUp4Forests NOW!


We are gravely concerned that Koala populations on the north coast have crashed by 50% over the past 20 years, and that the increase in land clearing and reduction in logging rules will likely see them made extinct in the wild within the next 20 years.


Githabul - Return of Country

In August 2018 representatives of the Githabul and NSW conservation groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to get the care and management of their State Forests back into Githabul hands, and undertake rehabilitation of extensive logging dieback areas.  Follow the Githabul - Return of Country campaingn.


Old Growth and Rainforest

As part of their new Integrated Forestry Operations Approval (IFOA) the NSW Government is proposing to subject mapped oldgrowth forest and rainforest protected for the past 20 years to a review process that is intended to make over 100,000ha of oldgrowth forests and rainforests on State Forests available for logging. We must stand up for these irreplaceable forests.  Go to our Oldgrowth and Rainforest page.



Check out our short film about what is happening in the forests of northern NSW

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