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The North East Forest Alliance is a volunteer organisation, none of us get paid. We have been working since 1989 to protect rainforest, oldgrowth forest, wilderness and threatened species in north-east NSW, Australia. Donations we receive go directly to cover costs, such as employing experts to undertake surveys for threatened species and legal challenges. Our goal is to stop the logging of public native forests. Recently we have been focusing on legal action to create change for the multitude of increasingly threatened species. It is clear the State and Commonwealth ALP Governments will not undertake needed reform unless forced to.

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On the north coast of NSW 230,000 hectares of State Forests are identified as high quality Koala habitat by the NSW Government and as Nationally Important Koala Areas by the Commonwealth Government, yet the NSW Minns Government refuses to protect known important areas of occupied habitat. The Minns Government continues the war on Koalas by actively logging forests known to be nationally important for Koalas and cutting down tens of thousands of mature Koala feed trees every year. To Save Koalas' Homes on State Forests we are asking the Minn's Government to:

  1. Protect State Forests where we know Koalas live
  2. Require they look before they log to identify other Koala homes
  3. Retain all preferred Koala feed trees in potential habitat to facilitate recovery

NSW Premier Chris Minns recently stated “protecting these iconic Australian animals is non-negotiable”. Our attempts to negotiate their protection with Environment Minister Penny Sharpe have had limited success. Petitions and form letters are ignored, so we are asking you to take a few minutes to leave a message for Premier Chris Minns on his website, asking for a response.

The NSW Government has released a discussion paper Reviewing the NSW Koala Strategy and is seeking community input until 26 April 2024 on current koala conservation actions. NOTE SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL Friday 24 May 2024. The NSW Government’s 2021 Koala Strategy identifies that the highest priority to avoid the extinction of Koalas in the wild by 2050 is to protect their habitat, to this end they have allocated $71 million to buy private properties and implement conservation agreements over up to 22,000 hectares. So far they have bought 10,000 ha of land to add to national parks and entered conservation agreements over 7,700 ha of private land.

The Forestry Corporation is losing $15 million a year, and getting tens of millions in equity injections, to log tens of thousands of Koala feed trees in thousands of hectares of high quality Koala habitat every year.

The NSW Government pays $2,532 per hectare to buy private lands to add to Nation Parks for Koalas. Meanwhile it cost the NSW Government $1,281 per hectare to log Koala homes on public land last year. If we gave generous redundancy payments to workers and compensation to mill owners it would only cost the NSW Government $257 per hectare to protect Koala homes on State forests.

If the Government was serious about saving Koalas and saving money then their highest priority must be to protect Koala habitat on public land.

The Government is asking people to tell them what else they should be doing to protect koala habitat.

Make a submission to The NSW Koala Strategy, by either:

See NEFA's submission guide to save Koalas' homes

See NEFA's submission to NSW Koala Strategy

A victim of the 2019/20 wildfires, they are now logging the homes of the survivors

We have a hard fight ahead of us to stop logging of public native forests, though we now have hope that with your help we can get there.


Here are some resources you can use:

We have edited the fantastic, and sadly still relevant Endangered Species Roadshow film - On the Brink, with cameos from world-renowned scientists David Attenborough, David Suzuki and David Bellamy and voice overs by Jack Thompson and Olivia Newton-John. You can watch it here.

Award-winning filmmaker David Bradbury has made this moving film, Gondwana, Going, Going...Gone? Featuring clips and interviews from some of the recent forest actions from across our region. You can watch it here.

Politicians and industry often make extraordinary claims about the significance and impact of logging. We have prepared responses to Frequently Asked Questions you can read here.