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The North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) is a volunteer forest conservation group established in 1989 with the aims of protecting rainforest, oldgrowth forest, wilderness and threatened species. We have used all methods at our disposal to achieve these goals, including public education, lobbying, negotiation and non-violent direct action. While we have made significant gains towards these goals, we are not there yet. We still need your help.

We recognise that climate change is the biggest threat to our forests, their inhabitants and our lifestyles. We consider that enhancing the uptake and storage of carbon in forests is urgently required. Given that our attempts to achieve ecologically sustainable forest management have been an abject failure we are now seeking an end to logging of native forests on public land.

NEFA 30 years Strong

We've converted some of our old films to digital - Click here to go to the YouTube repository!

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Sandy Creek National Park Proposal

NEFA are preparing a proposal for the 7,000 ha Sandy Creek Koala Park covering significant Koala habitat in Braemar, Carwong, Royal Camp and Ellangowan State Forests, as well native vegetation on land Forestry Corporation purchased for pine plantations. The values of these forests for Koalas are documented in our audits,

These encompass a regionally significant Koala population in forests that have been degraded by logging, though are capable of supporting an expanding Koala population if left alone.

We were dismayed when on the night of 8 October the Busby's Flat fire changed direction and burnt out most of the proposal overnight. It was an anxious time while we waited to get in there and see how the Koalas had fared.

The good news was that while the understorey was incinerated, the fire had rarely crowned meaning quite a few Koalas survived. The bad news is that the crowns of most trees were cooked by the intense heat and the leaves have since died, leaving large areas devoid of food and most of the surviving Koalas with little to eat. 

NEFA have been assessing core Koala colonies and found that Koalas are surviving in the areas where large scattered feed trees, or patches of trees, have retained most of their canopies. With limited fresh feed and desiccated leaves some Koalas are dehydrated, and severely so. A report on this is available at

This regionally significant Koala population has been severely affected by the fire, it has set back its recovery by decades. Help is needed to stabilise the population if further decline is to be averted. The last thing they need is for forestry to log their remaining feed trees.

It is over three weeks since the fire and Koalas still need finding, rescuing or being provided with water to help them survive the aftermath. The NSW Government needs to show some compassion and provide Koalas with the long-overdue urgent help needed to recover from this disaster, at least for those colonies on public land that they are responsible for. 

NEFA's requests for assistance for the Koalas have fallen on deaf ears. The only thing they will listen to is a public outcry. Can you help make one by contacting local members, letters to editors, facebook, twitter or any other means?


Show the Government that the community cares for Koalas by:

  • Signing the pledge to stand up for Braemar's Koalas. You can find the pledge here
  • Speaking out to show that this community cares about its Koalas - write to your local members and local papers, post it on social media, speak to anyone who will listen.

BRAEMAR'S KOALAS NEED YOUR HELP. Please do what you can do to make this a public issue.

Read NEFA's Braemar's Koalas Under Imminent Threat, also look under Audits on this site.


The headwaters of the Kalang River, just south of Bellingen, are scheduled for logging. Locals have been doing plenty of citizen science and discovered many amazing things. The area seems to be a stronghold for the long-nosed potoroo, almost unknown from the area and yet is has been caught on camera. Koalas including evidence of mother and joey koalas have also been found along with glossy black cockatoos and at least three species of endangered plant. Of course this doesn't slow down the logging plans.

The forests are on some of the most erodible soils on the north coast - known as the Nambucca Beds- and there is a long history of landslips, some as a result of previous logging are still active.

If these forests are to be kept intact and remain as viable habitat for the amazing animals that make it their home, then it will need to be defended. Despite all the evidence of the extinction crisis and the climate crises, exacerbated by the destruction of old mature trees, the NSW Government is hell bent on destruction.

The locals have established a camp and are getting ready to mount a defence of all that is green and good in our world. Can you help? If you can get yourself to Kalang you'd be very welcome. You can also send supplies or donate to help enable others keep watch. There's also a daily vigil. Every morning from 5am -7.30 am just outside Bellingen that needs support.

Here's the map to help find the camp. Contact the Bellingen Information Centre or the Kalang River Forest Alliance for more details via their Facebook pages.

Remapping oldgrowth forests

The NSW Government is pushing ahead with the remapping so more areas can be made available for logging. They are using a completely different mapping process than was used originally, and its being overseen by the Natural Resources Commission, which is more interested in resources than conservation. This area in Clouds Creek State Forest north of Dorrigo, is one area the NRC said wasn't oldgrowth! And there are plenty more trees like these!

We're gathering signatures on both and online and paper petition. The paper petition is to Parliament, because guess what, they only accept signatures on paper. If you can gather 10 or 20 or more signatures please download a petition form to print and then send back to the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. We need 10,000 signatures, so we definitely need your help gathering them. There will be some sort of public consultation in August-September. They need to get the message loud and clear. NO OLDGROWTH LOGGING

If you can't do the paper thing, you can sign on the online petition here.

Burning Trees for Power- Not Clean, Not Green, not Renewable, not wanted!

Have you seen the film Burned - are Trees the New Coal?  It's a powerful film documenting the scam that sees forests cleared, chipped, pelletised and then shipped around the world to be burnt in power stations for electricity.

You can watch it a short version online, and some libraries have it. This is the future for our forest too if we don't stop it. The NSW Government thinks biomass -as it's called- is green, renewable energy and the Federal Government give companies that burn it subsidies. If you want to be involved in the campaign to stop this industry getting more than the toehold it already does email [email protected]

NEFA considers burning native forests for electricity to be the most significant threat to the future of Australia's forests, and their essential role in mitigating climate change. Rather than increasing logging intensity and carbon emissions, our future depends on protecting forests to take up and store more of our carbon emissions, while also attracting rainfall, lowering temperatures, enhancing streamflows, and providing homes for our diminishing wildlife.

The intent of the NSW Government is to produce 1 million tonnes per annum (140 truckloads a day) of wood pellets from north-east NSW's forests to burn for electricity, either in Australia or overseas. To facilitate this they have increased logging intensity, introduced clearfelling, reduced stream buffers, allowed logging of oldgrowth, and reduced protections for threatened species.

When we told Jack Thompson about plans to burn our forests for electricity, this is what he had to say.


Jack Thompson Joins NEFA in Speaking for the Trees!

The latest in our #WhoSpeaks4TheTrees series with screen legend Jack Thompson. We need #Forests to help save the #climate. It's time to #StandUp4Forests NOW!  Up on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.  Thank you Jack Thompson for speaking out for our forests.

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StandUp4Forests NOW!


We are gravely concerned that Koala populations on the north coast have crashed by 50% over the past 20 years, and that the increase in land clearing and reduction in logging rules will likely see them made extinct in the wild within the next 20 years.


Githabul - Return of Country

In August 2018 representatives of the Githabul and NSW conservation groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to get the care and management of their State Forests back into Githabul hands, and undertake rehabilitation of extensive logging dieback areas.  Follow the Githabul - Return of Country campaingn.


Old Growth and Rainforest

As part of their new Integrated Forestry Operations Approval (IFOA) the NSW Government is proposing to subject mapped oldgrowth forest and rainforest protected for the past 20 years to a review process that is intended to make over 100,000ha of oldgrowth forests and rainforests on State Forests available for logging. We must stand up for these irreplaceable forests.  Go to our Oldgrowth and Rainforest page.



Check out our short film about what is happening in the forests of northern NSW

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