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  • The coastal forests will be divided into 3 zones. In northern NSW:

  • The 140,000ha Intensive Zone will see the alternate coupe clearfell logging practiced in Eden, extended all the way along the coast from Taree to Grafton. Coupes for clearfelling are proposed to be 50 to 80 ha. The current legal limit for clearfelling in northern NSW is 0.25 ha!

  • The regrowth zone will allow intensive logging but will have some tree retention requirements spread across the net logging area.

  • The non-regrowth zone, will have slightly less intensive logging and a few extra trees retained.


  • The requirement for pre-logging surveys for most species will be scrapped. For example 326 species of threatened plants will lose their current legal protections and 32 will have their protection areas significantly reduced. Only 77 species and populations of threatened plants will retain their current protections.

Grevillia quadricauda Grevillea quadricauda photo by Hugh Nicholson

  • Similarly, the requirement to survey before logging for most threatened animal species will also be scrapped. 23 animal species are to have their protection removed and 26 are to have their protection significantly reduced. Only 14 will retain their current species-specific protection.

 Eastern Blossum Bat

Eastern Blossum Bat photo by David Milledge

  • Streamside protection in the upper catchment headwaters will be more than halved (from 10m to less than 5), and other stream protections decreased, when all the evidence is that they should be increased to 30m. The current requirement for streamside logging exclusion buffers, is that they are measured from the top of the stream bank. Under the new rules, they will be measured from the middle of the stream. This means that for many streams, logging will be able to occur right up to the edge of the bank and for all streams will result in seriously diminished protection.


  • Most areas protected over the last 20 years because of the presence of a threatened species, will be opened up for logging. This includes all the Koala High-Use Areas that have been identified to date.


  • There will no longer be a requirement to search for koalas prior to logging and exclude logging from the areas they are actually using. Thus areas with active koala populations will be logged.



  • The areas of greatest logging intensity coincide with the areas the Government has identified as the best koala habitat.


  • Wood supply contract negotiations with logging companies based on the new logging rules are in process. The government remains committed to enter new wood contracts sometime soon: 'in the middle of 2017'.


  • All of the above is occurring with the Government promising there will be 'no erosion of environmental values'.              They must think we are all idiots.


For detailed information on the changes to the Koala Logging Prescription, click here


For detailed information on the changes proposed to the Threatened Species logging rules, click here

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