Making Scats Count in Braemar

Ongoing citizen science works at Braemar shows that the Koala population there is one of the most significant identified in a State Forest.

Our surveys have so far identified 134 trees with Koala scats beneath them, including 53 high use trees. Until recently the requirement was to undertake intensive surveys within 100m of high use
trees to delineate high use areas to exclude from logging. We have identified 56ha of potential Koala High Use Areas and expect over 100ha to be present. This is the most extensive area found on State Forests.

Braemar encompasses core breeding habitat that is part of the nationally significant Koala population previously identified across the nearby Carwong and Royal Camp State Forests. The logging area is likely to support 60-90 Koalas, which represents an important source area for this population.

You can read the latest report on the surveys here.

Trees formerly marked for retention have been re-marked as available for logging. Under this one a large number of koala scats were found. Another tree that had been re-marked had scats from a mother and baby koala.

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