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Please sign this petition now opposing the Government's proposal to make large areas of protected oldgrowth forests available for logging (and share it as widely as possible)
To Gladys Berejiklian (Premier of NSW),
Your government has recently announced its intention to drastically weaken the logging rules (Integrated Forestry Operations Approval - IFOA) to remove numerous protections for NSW's threatened species, Koalas, oldgrowth forest and fish.
The people of NSW call upon you to:
  1. Stop the NSW Government proceeding with these draconian changes.
  2. Ensure that public forests are managed for the public good (ie: tourism, environmental repair, carbon sequestration and storage, wildlife habitat and provision of clean, abundant water)
  3. Stop planning to log areas protected as habitat for threatened species, Koalas, oldgrowth forest, and stream buffers. 
  4. Stop increasing logging intensity and legalising clearfell logging along the North Coast of NSW.
  5. Stop propping up the rapacious native forest logging industry at the cost of species extinction, logging dieback, reduced stream flows and water quality decline.
  6. End the logging of public native forest and complete the transition of the timber industry to 100% plantations.

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Rosie Adam
Ruby McCann
Max Blanch
Dana Aweidah
Bronwyn Vost
Rebecca Ellis
Charlotte Maylin
Sonya Ditzell
Jitka Donnelly
Tracey Sanna
luke hodsdon
Astrida Upitis
Rae Sunlay
Karen Plaisted
Brent Sheekey
Dorothy Wasson
Robert Lang
Jimmy Malecki
Rebecca Foster
Melanie Massa
Wendy Bithell
Tim Watson
Lynnette Taylor
Victoria Clough
Kylie Smith
Heidi Jobes
Lissy Jayne
Alison Blatcher
Caroline Copley
roza khamitova
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  • Rosie Adam
    signed 2020-06-23 13:27:56 +1000
  • Ruby McCann
    signed 2020-06-04 08:58:16 +1000
  • Max Blanch
    signed 2020-05-10 11:53:28 +1000
  • Dana Aweidah
    signed 2020-04-30 00:16:03 +1000
  • Bronwyn Vost
    signed 2020-04-18 08:55:51 +1000
    The logging of public native forest must end, not be increased. Surely the massive bushfires must have at last taught us to value our remaining bushland.
  • Rebecca Ellis
    signed 2020-02-02 11:11:39 +1100
  • Charlotte Maylin
    signed 2020-01-18 23:53:29 +1100
  • Sonya Ditzell
    signed 2019-12-09 18:49:24 +1100
    Appalled and embarrassed by the total lack of regard by all levels of Australian Government to this issue/. Mature trees take a century to grow – ‘planting a tree today’ has no impact on remediating the impact of logging mature irreplaceable trees and the wildlife they support.
  • Jitka Donnelly
    signed 2019-09-11 18:32:18 +1000
  • Tracey Sanna
    signed 2019-09-08 17:24:26 +1000
  • luke hodsdon
    signed 2019-09-04 10:18:24 +1000
  • Astrida Upitis
    signed 2019-09-03 11:51:38 +1000
  • Rae Sunlay
    signed 2019-09-01 19:47:12 +1000
  • Karen Plaisted
    signed 2019-09-01 18:55:16 +1000
  • Brent Sheekey
    signed 2019-08-02 20:06:43 +1000
    Protect native forest and support Great Koala National Park
  • Dorothy Wasson
    signed 2019-06-26 12:08:20 +1000
  • Robert Lang
    signed 2019-05-17 08:42:05 +1000
  • Jimmy Malecki
    signed 2019-03-14 15:57:34 +1100
  • Rebecca Foster
    signed 2019-03-12 15:55:37 +1100
  • Melanie Massa
    signed 2019-03-12 15:48:45 +1100
    Please, please stop cutting down our forest and destroying our beautiful land and the habitat for so many creatures. When will this end. Pleas do what’s right and not what’s easy.
  • Wendy Bithell
    signed 2019-03-12 14:12:37 +1100
  • Tim Watson
    signed 2019-03-12 14:11:58 +1100
    If we don’t do something now, what are we leaving for our grandchildren.

  • Lynnette Taylor
    signed 2019-03-11 16:53:01 +1100
  • Victoria Clough
    signed 2019-03-05 19:34:38 +1100
  • Kylie Smith
    signed 2019-03-05 12:03:21 +1100
  • Heidi Jobes
    signed 2019-03-04 16:53:13 +1100
  • Lissy Jayne
    signed 2019-03-04 14:19:56 +1100
  • Alison Blatcher
    signed 2019-02-19 21:48:51 +1100
  • Caroline Copley
    signed 2019-02-15 13:29:44 +1100
    I cannot believe that in the modern world we are even having this discussion. The value of forests for nutrient (including carbon) and moisture retention is bottomless. To destroy that and the habitat for millions of different creatures, especially hollows for marsupials and birds, is simply criminal. Logging creates more climate impact and less resilience in the area than is necessary, and anyone promote this is a crook. This is ridiculous and out-of-date thinking. A soulless vote-buying exercise.
  • roza khamitova
    signed 2019-02-13 21:29:05 +1100