Cherry Tree Issues of Concern

The Forestry Corporation has started logging in compartments 3 and 4 of Cherry Tree State Forest. NEFA is of the view that before any logging takes place there are several issues that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

One of the species of concern in this forest is the endangered Black-striped Wallaby.

(Photo: Chris Sanderson)


NEFA considers that before logging proceeds:
• The Border Ranges Rainforest Biodiversity Management Plan needs to be complied with
• Wide buffers need to be placed around rainforest and related vegetation
• Canopy retention needs to be increased to mitigate impacts on the Black-striped Wallaby
and to compensate for the past excessive logging
• Compensatory areas need to be retained for the 91.3 ha of the EEC Grey Box-Grey Gum
Wet Sclerophyll Forest illegally logged
• All hollow-bearing trees need to be retained to compensate for the hundreds illegally logged
• The identified Wildlife Habitat Clumps need to be redesigned to maximise inclusion of the
best habitat and remove overlaps with existing exclusions and heavily logged areas
• Areas susceptible to Bell Miner Associated Dieback need to be identified and excluded from
All logging should be stopped until these issues are fully dealt with.

You can read the full report about Cherry Tree State Forest and the area in question here

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