Stop Work Requested for Styx River State Forest

On 2 December NEFA wrote to the EPA requesting a Stop Work Order on Styx River State Forest along with a report that identified 24 sight records of Greater Glider, including 3 den trees, and 3 of Yellow-bellied Glider. Styx River is known to be a stronghold of Greater Gliders, though the records of Yellow-bellied Glider are new and indicate this may be an isolated population. The Forestry Corporation have been actively logging there for months, and the EPA regularly visiting since September, yet there is not a single record of either species made by them in Bionet because in contravention of the logging rules they are not bothering to look for these species or their den trees. Within the current logging area the report identifies a “1 km transect along Simmos fire Road yielded 11 Greater Gliders, one Yellow-bellied Glider and one Greater Glider den tree in approximately 45 minutes”. 

See Styx River SF  - assessment of threatened glider species - interim report for NEFA

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