Stop Work requested for Moonpar State Forest

With logging started in compartment 13 of Moonpar State Forest (within the proposed Great Koala National Park), on 20 November 2023 NEFA wrote to the EPA CEO Tony Chappel complaining that the Forestry Corporation have made no attempt to identify the den, roost and nest trees of Yellow-bellied Glider, Southern Greater Glider and Powerful Owl, and implement 50m logging exclusions around them, as required by the CIFOA logging Rules. These can only be identified by nocturnal searches and Forestry Corporation only undertake their broad area habitat searches during the day and thus have no chance of detecting these.

Bionet shows no records of these species made by the Forestry Corporation in cmpt. 13 since 2018, meaning they haven't bothered to look. NEFA commissioned Ms Townley to undertake a brief assessment, she made eight observational records of Southern Greater Glider and heard three calls of Yellow-bellied Glider and a Powerful Owl. One pair and one single Southern Greater Glider were recorded in what were assumed to be their den trees.The EPA recently stopped logging in Flat Rock and Tallaganda State Forests on the South Coast because the Forestry Corporation had failed to search for and protect glider den trees, we expect the same here.

The EPA refused to stop work, instead replying that the "NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) officers closely monitor forestry operations within the Moonpar State Forest to ensure compliance with the forestry laws", while refusing to tell us what they are doing or whether they found any den trees. This was our response.

See Moonpar State Forest Assessment

Southern Greater Glider

Southern Greater Gliders

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