Logging rules 're-write' a sham

It took a freedom of information request, by the North Coast Environment Council, but the Environment Protection Authority have finally released the membership of the Threatened Species Expert Panel advising on the re-writing of the logging rules for public forests.

The documents show that far from being independent experts they are Government employees, dominated by current and former employees of Forestry Corp.

The EPA have refused to release any of the panel's recommendations on the grounds that they "reveal or tend to reveal the position that a particular Minister has taken, is taking or will take on a matter in Cabinet".

We think this is an abuse of the exemption for Cabinet documents in freedom of information law. It is difficult to see how the notes made by someone at a workshop could reveal a Minister's position, unless of course there was political interference in the process and someone said that the Minister had a particular view, or wanted a particular outcome,” said North Coast Environment Council spokesperson Susie Russell.

This confirms our impression that the EPA's re-writing of the rules covering logging in State Forests is an overtly political process being run by the Forestry Corporation. It is no wonder they are resisting our attempts to find out what the panel's recommendations were,” she said.

We know now, that the Expert Panel includes 13 people, not the 20 claimed by the EPA on their website. The claimed independent experts are ex-Forestry Corporation employees. The EPA's representative even worked for the Forestry Corporation until recently.

The EPA's sham Threatened Species Expert Panel had three workshops in Sydney in March 2014. The first 'workshop' was a Forestry Corp employee sitting down with someone else from the Department of Primary Industries, to decide the fate of Koalas. The second was dominated by current and former employees of Forestry Corp.* The two zoologists from the North Coast Office of Environment and Heritage withdrew from the meeting. The third workshop dealt with flora.

It is shocking that the EPA are now proposing to remove the need to do pre-logging surveys to identify and protect core habitat for Koala, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Squirrel Glider, Golden-tipped Bat, Brush-tailed phascogale, Hastings River Mouse, Rufous Scrub-bird, Albert's Lyrebird, Marbled Frogmouth, Giant Barred Frog and many other threatened species,” said Dailan Pugh of the North East Forest Alliance.

The Forestry Corporation has long-resented having to protect threatened species because they mean less timber and now the EPA's stacked process is set to deliver what they want. This whole sham process is driven by a desperate hunt for timber to meet unsustainable wood contracts,” Mr Pugh said.

Given that the EPA are proposing zoning over 140,000 hectares of north-east NSWs forests for widespread clearfelling and to allow intensification of logging elsewhere, while at the same time reducing streamside protection buffers, they should be increasing protection for threatened species not removing them!

These are not actions of a genuine environmental protection agency, this Is state sanctioned environmental destruction,” Ms Russell said.


* Brad Law, Brian Tolhurst, Frank Lemckert, Rod Kavanagh, Chris Slade

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  • Tatty Coelho
    commented 2016-10-12 06:05:18 +1100
    Money, money, money… http://saudenacomida.com.br/programa-de-emagrecimento-corpo-de-21-aulas-gratis When are we finally going to understand that taking care of nature is taking care of us? There is no profit in a long term if you destroy the environment. Shame on EPA!
  • Meg and Peter Nielsen
    commented 2015-11-27 14:19:36 +1100
    Shame on the EPA! This is an absolute disgrace! The underhanded way these new regulations are being sneaked in behind the people’s back is outrageous. The so called independent “Threatened Species Expert Panel” being made up of ex-Forestry Corporation employees with even the EPA’s rep having worked for the Forestry Corporation until recently, is a blatant hijack of our forests. That this kind of behavior is still going on in our Govt is unacceptable. This must be exposed!