Logging Rapidly Smashing Braemar and Myrtle State Forests

Logging is rapidly smashing Braemar and Myrtle State Forests. They have so far logged some 146ha in Myrtle and 73ha in Braemar. Maps of the areas logged as at 5 February are attached. From his surveys Steve Phillips identified that despite the loss of most Koalas in the 2019/20 fires, 67% of patches of Koala habitat in both forests were occupied, though suitable patches are more dispersed in Myrtle, commenting that logging will exacerbate koala population decline in these areas and, in the worst case scenario, could potentially lead to the extinction of local koala populations”. These are extinction operations.

The North East Forest Alliance is calling on the NSW and Federal governments to urgently act to end native forest logging.

With the massive recent mechanisation/industrialisation of the logging operations the pace and scale of deforestation is the biggest problem. Entire forests are now effectively wiped out within mere days (e.g Moonpar Cpt 13/14 - which was all done over in 2 weeks of logging). 
I watched (lawfully from the Armidale Rd) a harvester and skidder wipe out well over a hectare of bushland (all prime Greater Glider habitat) in Ellis State Forest right in front of me within about 20 minutes.
Any suggestion by the ALP or NSW Environment Minister Penny  Sharpe that they are in any way the friends of our Koalas is now demonstrably fundamentally untrue. 
As you say these most definitely are extinction operations........ and may they all be stopped immediately...

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