StandUp4Forests at 10am every Friday where ever you are

When we StandUp4Forests we take initiative to demonstrate that we bear witness and take creative action for our koalas and their native forest homes by engaging in citizen science, performance / art, peaceful protest and people's media to let the world know what is happening in our forests.

We invite all our friends and community to join us and we call upon decision makers and opinion leaders to act urgently to protect our public native forests from logging.

Please commit to taking some initiative for our native forests every Friday at 10am  by yourself or with your community.

Fridays4Forests poster

Print Fridays4Forests Info Kit to distribute.


How to Join Fridays4Forests

  1. Join the Fridays4Forests Facebook Group & invite your friends to do the same
  2. Come along to Fridays4Forests gatherings AT 10AM every Friday in a town &/or forest near you (organise events for your local area if there isn’t already an existing group)
  3. Explore your forest and document its values in the appropriate EpiCollect Project
  4. Take photos and videos of yourself and your crew and share them on social media & invite your friends to join you in bearing witness (follow the How To #StandUp4Forests instruction sheet
  5. Share knowledge on effective citizen science and citizen media techniques 
  6. Write media releases, letters etc to the media and decision makers about your activities, what you have found and demand that our public native forests be protected permanently.

Fridays4Forests Richmond Range State Forest

Fridays4Forests has been a successful campaign to bring people out to explore our forests and share the wonder we find there with a wider audience and invite them to join us. There is plenty of scope to grow this movement across Australia.
With Cherry Tree being logged and Myrtle, Bungabee, Braemar and Richmond Range all on the list of forests for the chop just in the Northern Rivers district and a huge number of forests threatened across the NE NSW Region, now would be a good time to meet up and plan our action agenda for the upcoming year together.

Fridays4Forests Cherry Tree

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