Foley's promise to ban cable logging welcomed

“Environmentalists welcome the announcement from NSW Labor leader Luke Foley, that if elected Premier he will ensure that cable logging on extremely steep slopes will not be introduced,” said NCEC Vice-President Susie Russell.

 “However we are dismayed that Liberal Premier Mike Baird, if elected, will continue with his plan to open up extremely steep slopes on the north coast for logging.


“This is a recipe for disaster. The amount of timber that could come from such a venture is equivalent to about one year's supply.

 “The amount of soil that could move off the slopes could cause long-term damage to the Bellinger, Nambucca, Never Never, Orara and Kalang Rivers and their tributaries. In turn, it could see damage to fish stocks, increased flooding in low-lying area, poor water quality and damage to roads. Economically it could be a very expensive exercise,” Ms Russell said.

 “This proposal is an act of environmental vandalism. It would leave behind destroyed landscapes. The community will have to bear the costs of the ongoing landslips, massive erosion, increased flooding, reduced dry-season stream flows and the pollution and siltation of their creeks and rivers.

This region is known for heavy rainfall events and these are getting more intense and frequent with the climate changes already underway,” said NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh.

 “Forestry Corporation has made a loss from its native forest logging operations for many years, and that is without having to pay for the environmental damage it is causing.

 “Cable logging would be yet another loss-making venture to prop up businesses like Boral for a few more years as they cut out our forests. With Chinese companies now looking at buying mills there can be no community benefits from such extreme proposals,” Mr Pugh said.

 “Mike Baird should immediately rule out extremely steep slope cable logging and match Luke Foley's commitment,” Ms Russell said.

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