In Stories: Celebrating Chaelundi's 30th Anniversary *Online*

*We have to cap capacity at 100. If you miss out we will be uploading the whole event to NEFA's YouTube to receive sign up to our mail list*

NEFA twice blockaded Chaelundi, with our biggest blockade starting in April 1991, with the police taking 10 days from 23 July to breakthrough, in the process arresting 230 people.

The combination of creative blockade tactics, the best kind of feralty and critical legal actions were finally successful in stopping the Government in its tracks. 

The fact that these 7000ha are now protected in the Guy Fawkes River National Park is testimony to the 230 people arrested and the countless others who participated and supported the campaign.

Join us for an afternoon of reminiscing and storytelling online to hear the stories from one of NSW's most successful blockades and legal actions.

If you were there and would like to share a story - please contact Susie Russell or post in the comment box below!

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August 21, 2021 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Susie Russell ·

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  • Jennifer Allison
    commented 2021-08-14 08:48:19 +1000
    hi, there was a photograph from chaelundi in the sydney ‘protest’ exhibition at the police museum, of a woman ‘digging’ her heels in (after climbing onto a bulldozer), as she is arrested with a copper either side. I’d like to ask if anyone knows who the photographer might be?
  • Caroline Joseph
    commented 2021-08-13 08:58:56 +1000
    Took time off Uni to go to Chaelundi and one of the first things I saw was a very young man who was assisting his very elderly Grandmother by using the sponge baby chair to prop her up beside a very large tree. There were large numbers of people attending and large numbers of police. Sometime in the early afternoon they rounded us up and put us all in the Paddy wagon. It seemed like they drove around the forest in clouds of dust for a couple of hours. People were begging to let out to go to the toilet but we just had to wait until we reached Grafton jail. Each person’s eyes were swollen with dust. We were fingerprinted and released.
  • Caroline Joseph
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  • Catherine Jones
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  • Cassandra Plesman
    commented 2021-08-09 18:28:56 +1000
    …photos from the 1990’s at Chaelundi? Who has some to share with me?
  • Cassandra Plesman
    commented 2021-08-09 18:27:28 +1000
    I was at the blockade at Chaelundi and took photos of the blockade. Who has one of these photos? I lost most of mine in the 2019 fires. The trees were so old and so huge that they needed a large group of people to hold hands just to circle around the circumferences. Most people do not get to see really old, large trees unless they make a pilgrimage to places such as Chaelundi. I presently travel on the roads around there and there are as we meet now, many, many logging trucks. Keep working to save the trees please, everyone!
  • Jan Barham
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  • Dailan Pugh
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  • Tony Mohr
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  • Kathy Brown
    commented 2021-08-04 16:37:31 +1000
    My dad has recently died but he and my mum participated in these protests 30 years ago. Mum is now 92. They raised 6 tree hugging greenies, so proud of them.
  • Stuart McConville
    rsvped 2021-08-04 16:08:27 +1000
  • Ebony Quinlivan
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  • Sean O'Shannessy
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  • Michele Smith
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  • Sue Higginson
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  • Ben Solity
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  • lindy stacker
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  • Iain McIntyre
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  • Cath Eaglesham
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  • Philip Murray
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  • Julie-Anne Allen
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  • Chris Sheed
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  • Meredith Stanton
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  • Sue James
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  • Patrick Anderson
    commented 2021-08-02 18:05:20 +1000
    Happy to join and hear some stories, and add a little bit from my arrest there in early 1990.
  • Testy McTesty
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  • Susie Russell
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