Braemar State Forest Assessment_2023

With logging imminent, NEFA undertook a brief assessment of proposed logging in compartments 6 and 7 of Braemar State Forest. This is an area that we found exceptional densities of Koalas in before the 2019 wildfires, and managed to hold the loggers off. We found that koalas are slowly recovering from the devastation of the 2019 wildfires, while they are again widespread their numbers are still low. With the Forestry Corporation intending to log over 77-87% of potential Koala feed trees (>30 cm diameter) this could be their death blow. We also found that numerous nationally Vulnerable Slaty Red Gum had been killed in the fires, with good regeneration. While the Forestry Corporation found just 6 Slaty Red Gum in over 13 km of transects we found 125 in a brief assessment - again bringing into question their expertise. We also recorded a Barking Owl and Masked Owl. The report outlines the results of our previous assessments, reviews aspects of their logging plan, and presents our findings.

Nearby heavily burnt stand of Slaty Red Gum used as an 'Offset Exclusion Zone' to compensate for the logging in compartments 6 and 7.

See our report Results of Braemar State Forest Assessment

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