BURNED- Are Trees the New Coal?

Roadshow to tour the North Coast.

This award-winning film will be screened across the north coast over the next two weeks.

“Many people saw the film Gaslands and this spear-headed the movement against fracking.People power in the Northern Rivers region rejected this destructive activity and energy source. This film is to forests, what Gaslands was to fracking,” said Susie Russell, who has galvanised the collaboration of the participating organisations.

“The idea that whole forests are being cleared and burnt in power stations instead of coal seems crazy, but increasingly that is what is happening around the world and Australian governments want to see it happen here too.

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Forestry fined $16,500 for Endangered plant

Forestry belatedly fined $16,500 for clearing and logging the exclusion zone of Endangered plant in Gibberagee

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined the Forestry Corporation $16,500 for clearing and logging within an exclusion zone for the nationally Endangered Narrow-leaf Melichrus in Gibberagee State Forest (east of Whiporie) in September 2017, though refuse to acknowledge that it was as a consequence of a NEFA complaint.

The Narrow-leaf Melichrus is named Melichrus sp. gibberagee as it is yet to be formally described. This species was discovered during pre-logging surveys brokered with the Minister for Forests by NEFA in 1997. It is only known from a single population in Gibberagee State Forest, and on adjacent private property. It is now listed as Endangered by both NSW and Commonwealth Governments.

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Labor leaves forests in the firing line

Labor's climate change policy leaves forests in the firing line.

Federal Labor's climate change policy released today is potentially disastrous for Australia's native forests,” said NEFA spokesperson Susie Russell.

In a week where we've seen even the National Party Federal Agriculture Minister recognise the importance of forests in sequestering carbon, the Labor Party has completely ignored one of country's most important carbon capture and storage systems, its forests.

Worse than that, they have pledged millions of dollars to develop a bioenergy industry both here and via exports. The only current fuel source of scale for bioenergy is native forests. The burning of wood for electricity is a major international perversion of greenhouse gas accounting rules, that sees it counted as a no emission energy, when in reality it produces more carbon dioxide than coal for the same amount of energy produced, as well as removing the trees needed to absorb the carbon released,” she said.

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Tree Spirits Invade Wauchope

March 21 is International Day of Forests, so it was fitting that several tree spirits invaded the former timber town of Wauchope, on the mid-north coast, to speak for the trees.

The spirits moved up and down the High Street. They inserted themselves into the Wauchope murals, placed themselves artistically along the main street to engage passersby, visited the pre-poll station, called in to the National Party office and read poetry outside the supermarket.

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Great Koala National Park costs inflated

Timber NSW using grossly inflated job and economic impacts to deny Koalas needed protection

MEDIA RELEASE - 21 March 2019

The North East Forest Alliance maintains that Timber NSW's claims of job losses due to the creation of the Great Koala National Park are inflated more than 6 fold and are insignificant compared to the 7,400 jobs they have shed in the past decade.

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Life or death for NSW forests

“The NSW election will likely seal the fate of our forests and the animals that inhabit them,” said NEFA spokesperson Susie Russell.

“If re-elected the COALition has made it clear that 1 million tonnes of trees from north-east NSW are available to be burned in power stations. 1. Whether burned locally or overseas, it won't matter to the atmosphere, and the drastic impact on our forests will be the same.

“Forestry Corporation of NSW and Boral Timber have been on a delegation to Japan 2. and told the Japanese that they can supply the wood for Japan's biomass burning industry. Unfortunately the Japanese are building wood-fired power stations to replace their nuclear reactors. They will take all the wood Australia sends.

“If these deals go ahead our publicly owned State Forests will be stripped to bare earth in many places and the forest will be reduced to seedlings.

“Koalas will see their strongholds demolished by big machines. Claims by National MPs that logging doesn't go ahead where there are koalas is a lie. And Government claims that koalas aren't bothered by logging is another of their 'alternative facts',” she said. 3.

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2500ha of Priority Koala Habitat Logged


MEDIA RELEASE - 15 March 2019

A NEFA study has identified that over the past 4 years the Forestry Corporation has logged 2,500 hectares of Koala habitat delineated by the Office of Environment and Heritage as the highest priority for protection in NSW.

Satellite image of claimed selective logging of a Koala Hub in Wang Wauk State Forest in December 2018. Koalas cannot survive this intensity of logging in their core habitat.

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For the sake of Koalas the Forestry Corporation are being asked to reconsider their rejection NEFA's peace offer

The North East Forest Alliance is calling upon the Forestry Corporation to reconsider their refusal to allow NEFA to engage a scat-detection dog to search for Koala High Use Areas in Gibberagee State Forest now that they have suspended logging.

As proven in studies properly trained dogs are the most efficient and effective way to search for Koala scats, said NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh.

"The Forestry Corporation is wrong to assume otherwise.

110 Koala scats were found by NEFA under a single tree in Gibberagee where the Forestry Corporation found none. More than 20 scats is the trigger to undertake intensive surveys to identify Koala High Use Areas, though it was too late as the area had already been logged. This is one of 4 Koala high use trees found by NEFA in a small area where the Forestry Corporation found none.

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For the sake of Koalas

For the sake of Koalas NEFA urges the Forestry Corporation to accept their peace offer of engaging a scat detection dog
MEDIA RELEASE - 6 March 2019

Forest protectors stopped logging of Koala habitat for a second day in Gibberagee State Forest on Tuesday before leaving the forest, though will return if the Forestry Corporation continue to refuse to undertake the legally required pre-logging surveys for Koalas necessary to identify and protect Koala High Use Areas.

As on Monday, four people locked-on to logging machinery again on Tuesday morning. 

"NEFA is determined to force the Forestry Corporation to look before they log, and to protect Koala High Use Areas, as required by their Threatened Species Licence, NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh said.


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People are again gathering in Gibberagee State Forest

People gathering as Premier asked to require an independent assessment using a scat detection dog to find and protect Koala High Use Areas.

MEDIA RELEASE - 4 March 2019

People are again gathering in Gibberagee State Forest (east of Whiporie) this morning to express their concerns over illegal logging of Koala habitat, and appeal to Premier Berejiklian to ensure an independent assessment using a scat detection dog is undertaken to look for and protect Koala High Use Areas.

People are protesting the refusal of the NSW Government to implement the minimal legal requirements to minimise impacts on Koalas from logging. Someone has to uphold the law when the Government refuses to, said NEFA spokesperson Dailan Pugh.


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