IFOA Submission

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Please Make an IFOA Submission Now! (Submission period has now closed. Thanks everyone for your efforts... now let's see what they do!)

Forest Consultation Meeting in Lismore Tues 19 June 2018

The New logging rules - Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (IFOA's) have been released by the NSW Government and they are calling for submissions now so we have a brief window of opportunity to have our concerns added to the public record. Please make a submission today.

For extensive background information please review the linked documents below and and add comments to your submission. 

Draft Coastal IFOA Submission Process

  1. Select & copy the Draft  Coastal IFOA Submission Text included below these 4 points
  2. Click Here to open an email addressed and ready to fill in
  3. Paste the text you copied below in to the blank email opened by the link above and edit it to express your own ideas and feelings on the issue as much as you like 
  4. Click SEND

(Copy everything in the box below and paste it into the blank email opened by the link above)

Please accept this email as my Submission to the Review of the Draft Coastal IFOA.

Your government has recently announced its intention to drastically weaken the logging rules (Integrated Forestry Operations Approval - IFOA) to remove numerous protections for NSW's threatened species, koalas, oldgrowth & rainforest and waterways. I call upon you to stop proceeding with these draconian changes and:

1. Recognise that the Regional Forest Agreements have failed to deliver environmental protection or industry security.
2. Recognise that the benefits of non-timber forest values are vital for the future of regional economies and ecosystems.
3. Establish the Great Koala National Park as an immediate priority.
4. Commit to a just transition out of native forest logging on public land and the transfer of public forests to protected areas when the RFAs expire.
5. Ensure that public forests are managed for the public good (ie: tourism, environmental repair, carbon sequestration and storage, wildlife habitat and provision of clean, abundant water)
6. Stop planning to log areas protected as habitat for threatened species, Koalas, oldgrowth forest, rainforest and stream buffers.
7. Stop increasing logging intensity and legalising clearfell logging along the North Coast of NSW.
8. Stop propping up the rapacious native forest logging industry at the cost of species extinction, logging dieback, reduced stream flows and water quality decline and sustainable forest based jobs.
9. End the logging of public native forest and complete the transition of the timber industry to 100% plantations.
10. Transfer all existing subsidies from native forest logging into native forest restoration.

I will be closely monitoring your performance in these areas and taking further action if I do not see an immediate marked improvement in outcomes for our forests.


Yours Sincerely

(Replace this with your name Address and telephone number)

You will probably receive an email from them thanking you for your submission and saying that they want you to fill in their form. We recommend that you tell them that you want nothing to do with their sham process as it is designed to corrupt the outcome with dishonestly framed questions. Tell them that they now have your submission and you expect to see it included in the public record of the process.